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Review of spelling, grammar and context in Icelandic and English

Proofreading in English and Icelandic

Proofreading and editing

Proofreading is an important last step before publishing a text. With an eye for spelling and grammar, I can proofread texts in Icelandic and English. I have proofread and edited numerous theses from university students, brochures and other promotional material and website content to name a few examples.

The approximate prices per word including VAT are as follows:

The difference between the difficulty levels of texts is based on how extensive corrections are needed. Please send me a sample of your text, so that I can evaluate its difficulty.

The minimum price for a one-time proofreading is 15,000 ISK. 

All data is treated as confidential.

I also offer translations.

20230617_Proofreading - prices.png

Do you need proofreading? Contact me and get a quote!

Gudmundur F. Magnusson proofreader
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