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Translation & Proofreading. Gudmundur F. Magnusson. Photo from the beach in Skagen, Denmark.

Translation & Proofreading



Gudmundur F. Magnusson

Translation to English and Icelandic. Translation from English, Icelandic and Danish. Proofreading and content writing in Icelandic and English also available. Get in touch.


I have translated, proofread and edited a variety of content through the years in a few languages. ​Topic fields have included marketing, politics and education.

Drøbak, Norway
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Interested in getting help with translation, proofreading or content writing? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

Translation and Proofreading

Offering proofreading in two languages: English and Icelandic. Translation and localisation available from:​

  • Icelandic to English

  • English to Icelandic

  • Danish to English

  • Danish to Icelandic

Passau in Bayern, Germany
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