Translation & Proofreading. Gudmundur F. Magnusson. Photo from the beach in Skagen, Denmark.

Translation & Proofreading



Gudmundur F. Magnusson

Translation to English and Icelandic. Translation from English, Icelandic, Danish and German. Proofreading and content writing in Icelandic and English also available. Get in touch.


I have translated, proofread and edited a variety of content through the years in a few languages. ​Topic fields have included marketing, politics and education.

I have translated and proofread in Icelandic and English in various fields. Photo from Drøbak in Norway.

Interested in getting help with translation, proofreading or content writing? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

Translation and Proofreading

Offering proofreading in two languages: English and Icelandic. Translation and localisation available from:​

  • Icelandic to English

  • English to Icelandic

  • Danish to English

  • Danish to Icelandic

  • German to English

  • German to Icelandic

Translation from Icelandic to English, English to Icelandic and more. Photo of the Danube in Passau, Bavaria, Germany.